GloveStix Replacement Refill Inserts

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Replacement Insert Refill Bags are made to replace the original insert bags that come with GloveStix. These lightly fresh scented inserts help the GloveStix absorb moisture and remove odor and should be replaced depending on usage. The more moisture they absorb the more often they should be replaced. Average lifespan of the inserts is 3 to 4 months. Simply pop off the end cap of each glovestix, remove the old insert and replace with the new one. The Antimicrobial agent in the glovestix themselves will inhibit bacteria growth for a 10 year period. No need to replace the stix... simply replace ONLY the inserts. Non toxic, chemical free and lightly scented. You gear will NOT smell like the insert. It simply will not smell.

  • FIT GLOVESTIX- Replacement insert bags fit easily inside the Glovestix. Simply twist off the end cap and insert the new inserts.
  • FRESH SCENTED- These lightly scented inserts have a combination of silica to absorb moisture and plant based essential oils for NON TOXIC, CHEMICAL FREE deodorizing.
  • Glovestix work in all kinds of athletic gloves including but not limited to: lacrosse, hockey, boxing, soccer, football and driving gloves, as well as shoes, cleats, skates, elbow and knee pads.

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